Howto: aetherSDR application

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A new release of the software has been made based on feedback received from the Yahoo Softrock-40 Group. In particular this has resulted in a separate application and developer's release.

This is a great development! User feedback may be difficult to digest, but is typically accurate and in this case totally true - the previous release was simply too hard to use.

With this in mind, here are the installation instructions for the new release:


USB sound interface which supports a sample rate of 96000 Hz.

If you don't have such an interface, then it doesn't prevent you from running the simulated system - simply follow the instructions below - it just means it's not possible to connect to actual hardware (step 5).

Step 1 - Download the application distribution:

Download the following file from the Software | Releases page: aethersdr_app_0.

Step 2 - Open the distribution archive:

Use the 7-Zip application ( to unzip the distribution file into the directory of your choice.

 Step 3 - Create an FFTW3 wisdom file:

  1. Open a command prompt in the binaries directory of the aethersdr directory.
  2. Type the following command:
  3. Assuming all completes per the second screenshot then you're OK to continue!
    (It might take a little time time to complete - say 2-3 minutes - depending upon your computer.)

Step 4 - Run the aetherSDR application:

Double click on the aethersdr.exe application.

Step 5 - Hopefully you're away...:

Click the power button and the system should start processing with the simulated system.

Real signals can be received by clicking on the configuration button (gear wheel) and selecting the appropriate sound interface and SoftRock interface. (It's advised to have the radio "switched off" when you do this...)

The sampling rate is currently fixed at 96000 Hz. (The ability to change the sample rate will be available in a future release.)

More detailed instructions on how to use the application will follow.