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aetherSDR is an application for Software Defined Radio (SDR). It interfaces with suitable hardware (SoftRock or similar) to give you a DSP radio for listening to LF/MW/HF transmissions on your computer.

While there are an increasing number of SDR applications out there, aetherSDR sets out to be a little different. The core computational functionality is implemented in C++ (for speed), while the radio/processing configuration is defined in python (for ease of use). This design allows for incredibly quick and easy application development while still being able to process signals in real-time.

Current Release

The current release of the aetherSDR software is

This can be found on the Software | Releases page, along with installation & use instructions on the Software | Installation page.

Introduction and Overview

The best place to start is the Documentation | Overview page. There are also some tutorials available on how to use the aetherSDR software: Documentation | Tutorials


There's also other related information, for example:

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me via this website or send me an email at colin@aethersdr.org.